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Siemens Excellent Customer Satisfaction Award
Siemens Excellent Customer Satisfaction Award
May 27, 2016

Clariti is once again recognised for her outstanding achievements in providing quality hearing care.

Partnering with premium hearing aid brand, SIEMENS, Clariti has improved the quality of life of thousands of happy customers. Many have stepped forward to publicly testify their positive experiences. 

This Excellent Customer Satisfaction Award is an encouragemnt to Clariti to continue to focus on customers' hearing and lifestyle needs during professional hearing aid prescriptions. 


“From end users feedback over the years, Clariti has surely earned a reputation for quality customers care. Internally, Sivantos has also ranked Clariti’s professionalism very highly. We are very pleased to congratulate Clariti on achieving this excellent customers satisfaction award.”

Riina Stengert
Regional Manager

Sivantos Pte Ltd

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