Attend this talk before buying a hearing aid.

Ronald Pang

Dispensing Since 1997
Best Hearing Aid Dispenser 2016


Thousands have attended our talks since it began in 2012. The following attendees have benefited from our talks.

  1. Non hearing aids users
  • Those who suspect they or their loved ones may have a hearing loss
  • Those who want to understand why they can hear voices but are not clear
  • Those who want a 2nd opinion before buying their hearing aids
  • Those who just want a hearing test to know their existing hearing condition
  • Those who want more information on hearing aids and hearing care
  1. Existing hearing aids users
  • Those who cannot hear well with their current hearing aids and want to know why
  • Those who are disappointed at the existing level of professional services and want to know what they can do
  • Those who are not sure if their hearing aids are suitable for their hearing losses
  • Those who want to know the latest hearing aid technology to improve their hearing needs


“I attended the talk to understand more about my hearing problem. I learnt so much during the talk and have all my questions answered. Clariti does this talk with a lot of sincerity to increase the public hearing awareness. I never felt pushed to buy any hearing aids during the individual hearing test. “

Yong Y C
Customer Service Executive

“I find the talk very informative. I have learnt a lot about hearing care and the different hearing aid technologies. During the hearing test, I even discover my ears are blocked. It is a very fruitful session for me.”

Yee Fee Yin Ellen

” Hearing loss is a very personal matter.  Like most people, I was very shy to seek help. This talk breaks down the
intimidating barrier and I am glad I came. I learnt a lot and the hearing test confirmed my suspicion that I have a hearing loss. I would not have done anything about my hearing if not for the efforts of Clariti to raise the hearing care awareness in Singapore. Thank you Clariti! ”

Wong Kim Whatt

” I find the talk very informative. Now I understand why my mother-in-law has so many problems with her existing hearing aids. I will advise her to seek professional assistance with her hearing. I will recommend Clariti- Hearing Care Professionals to her.”

Oh Eng Sien
Retired Nurse