I have found a new life. Thank you Clariti.

Balakrishnan S/O Singaravelu

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

“I have a hearing problem for many years. It has caused me so much frustration. I talked loudly and needed to lip read all the time. I turned on the TV louder. I could not hear the car honk when I drive. I also had low self-confidence and was not working for some time.

I visited Clariti – Hearing Care Professionals and I trusted they could improve my quality of life through better hearing. I was prescribed a pair of hearing aids that met my hearing needs, lifestyle and budget. I was utterly impressed with their professionalism.

With the hearing aids, I have found a new job. I am now a security officer and I can communicate efficiently over the radio even if the environment is noisy. I converse so clearly on the bus on my hand phone with my wife and son. I am so much happier today with my hearing aids.

I have found a new life!

I went back to Clariti after one month to personally thank them for the new life I found. And I want this testimony to be read by those who needed help with their hearing. It is true. Better hearing will lead to better living.

Thank you Clariti!”

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